Save Money and Minimize Risks with the Right Fleet Insurance

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Having the right insurance coverage is a common concern among all drivers. If you own your own business and happen to rely on vehicles to properly serve your customers, your worries most likely mount with each member of your mobile workforce. While having inadequate coverage is an expensive mistake, being over-insured could prove to be just as costly in the long run.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Unfortunately, this is an extremely convoluted question with no universal answer. Your coverage needs depend on a number of factors and will be unique to your business. Some of the finer points to consider include:

  • How Your Fleet is Used: Do you transport people or products? Does your cargo consist of your own revolutionary products or the fruits of other companies’ innovations? Coverage varies by industry and use, so you’ll need a policy geared toward these aspects as they apply to your fleet.
  • Consider Public Mindset: Lawsuits are on the rise, particularly in the personal injury realm. Should your cargo or even bystanders along your daily routes be harmed as a result of your drivers’ negligence, you’re the one who’ll be held accountable. Public liability insurance is a must-have regardless of the types of vehicles in your fleet or the nature of your business.
  • Who Uses Your Vehicles: If you assign drivers to specific vehicles, you’ll need a “named” policy. In the event you aren’t sure of which employee will be behind the wheel of any given vehicle from one day to the next, “any driver” coverage would be the best way to go. Should you choose a “named” policy but end up rotating drivers, you may not be covered if the unexpected arises.

As a little extra bit of advice, factor your employees into the equation during your search for coverage. … Read More ...

Disposable plastic glove making machine

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Two Layers Disposable Plastic Glove Machine
It took our company many years to research and develop this machine. As absorbed the advantages of same products at home and abroad, it is domestically initiative and full automatic plastic foam disposable glove product line. It allows to separate automatically finished products from waste materials during the production process, and delivers the qualified products based on their counting,makes the workers bag. Box and pack easily. One machine only needs one operator and can reach a speed of over  100  pieces per minute with the advantages of a long,continuous working time,high production and low labor cost. The machine also can make foam finger cots as well as all kinds of special shape plastic products according to the customer’s needs. 

2.It is suitable for all kinds of moulds, easy operation. 

 disposable plastic glove machine disposable plastic glove machine

Main Technical Variables:
LinesWidth of Glove making:260mm;

Length of Glove making: 280mm;
Speed of bag-making:100-140pcs/min;
Power of motor:1.5kw;
Power of electric-thermal:4kw;
1200Outline dimension(L*W*H):2800*1100*1500 mm;
Kinds of Material:HDPELDPE, PP

This machine can change design to 
Disposable Animal Obstetric Plastic Glove Machine
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Why Working with a Top Recruiting Agency is so Advantageous

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Businesses will often use a number of different ways to fill vacant positions. Advertising in local publications, putting help-wanted signs outside of the doors of their business or advertising open positions on their website are all excellent ways to fill a vacant position within the business. However, when it comes to executive positions, these tried-and-true methods of filling open positions may not be the best option.

These types of positions are typically filled by a very specific type of person and, in these situations, the people that would be best suited for these jobs typically don’t look for work in the help-wanted ads. They also don’t usually respond to a now hiring sign in the window of a business. Many times, these types of candidates will look for jobs through other means. In some situations, these people will need to be recruited, which is why businesses looking to fill executive level positions often work with a Top recruiting agency.

Recruiting agencies are perfect for filling executive positions within a company. To start, the recruiting agencies will meet with the business that needs a position filled. This allows the business to fill in the recruiter on the thing that they are looking for in terms of experience and qualifications. From there, the recruiting agency will actively go out searching for the types of people that are the best fit. Many recruiting agencies have a database of available candidates that they can sort through to determine which of the candidates might be best suited for the open position.

From the standpoint of the hiring company, filling important positions in this manner is much more efficient. The business won’t have to do a great deal of the legwork to find the right people. While the business may do final interviews with a … Read More ...