Important Points for an Applicant to Remember Before Contacting Executive Search Firms

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An individual who has advanced to a high-level position with an employer may eventually realize that this place is not a good long-term fit. Perhaps there are no true possibilities for advancement beyond this point. The company may have been a satisfying employer when the person had a job further down the occupational ladder, but the upper-echelon environment may have some troublesome aspects. Investigating a few executive search firms and registering with the most appealing agency may be the first step toward finding a new job.

Agencies like HR Soul concentrate a great deal on matching qualified candidates with positions in senior management and at the executive level. They actively seek and recruit applicants, since many individuals who are already in these jobs are not actively seeking a change. A person who actually is ready to look for other opportunities should not feel hesitant to contact the agency as long as it’s possible he or she is qualified for the types of positions this firm normally has available.

Recruiters from executive search firms, commonly called head hunters, will be happy to spend a little time talking with potential applicants and learning about their credentials. However, prospective applicants must keep in mind that executive recruiters tend to be extremely busy. They are not only spending many hours interviewing potential candidates, they also are discussing available positions with clients and possible future clients. In addition, their schedule is even more hectic because they must dedicate time to finding top-notch individuals who have not expressed interest in changing jobs. Thus, it’s best to have a brief description of qualifications and a short list of questions ready so that everything can be covered in a short consultation.

Simply sending a generic cover letter and resume by email or regular mail is not as effective for approaching head hunters because of their precise needs and their packed schedules. When approaching this type of recruiter with a letter, describing the candidate’s expertise and impressive accomplishments near the top is imperative. This doesn’t mean bragging or making a sales pitch, but rather simply including a brief list of points that would pique the recruiter’s interest.